I’ve recently make over a small room downstairs near my living hall. Upon doing my search for reviews and quotes, i finally decided to take my bet on Honey Bee. Mr Liew who owns the company has an accommodating personality with years of experience in this field.

Throughout the period of construction, he has been really engaging and one of the trait that I like most is he responds promptly to his clients even to the smallest detail of things. He is not tired of answering my fussy questions as a client and I really appreciate this service from him.

The job was well done, he sees to every bit of the project before he puts a closure to the project. I also commend him for the good workmanship although not all perfect, he’s willing to make amendments when I pointed to him. All in all, it was a satisfactory project for me. How big or small the project, I believe Mr Liew will accommodate well.

~ Susan Goh